The Croton Heights Community Association is dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of the Croton Heights community. The Association was formed in1942 both to manage community-wide needs, such as road maintenance, and tend to the special character of the community whose members sought a certain independence in rustic yet historic environs. While it no longer maintains the roads, the Association undertakes a number of activities from the social (holiday dinner, summer picnic), to the economic (oil and propane coops) to the preservationist (committee to oversee development in the area). The area included within the Association consists of over a 100 homes, all on Croton Heights Road or dead-end roads branching off of  it.  Occupying the "heights" above the Croton Reservoir, it has an eclectic mix of houses from pre-Revolutionary farm homes, to those built by hand in the 1920s and subsequently expanded to modern dwellings.